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Preliminary Information
Manuscript Presentation and Submission
Conditions for Submission
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Preliminary Information


Contextos Clínicosis permanently open to submissions and does not involve Article Processing Charges – APC or any kind of submission charges. We publish articles about empirical investigations and systematic and integrative literature reviews on Clinical Psychology in different contexts.

Only unpublished originals that have not been submitted to another journal are accepted to publication. The manuscripts must be sent via the journal website, and the texts can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish. If the manuscripts derives from empirical research involving human beings, they must have been approved by an ethics committee. The authors must send a digitalized copy of the approval declaration as a supplemental document. The publication of the articles is subjected to previous approval from the Editorial Commission. If approved, they are submitted to the process of blind peer review with at least two reviewers. The final acceptance depends on the following: - Recommendation from blind peer reviewers; - Necessary adjustments realized by the authors; - Approval from the Editorial Commission, which includes five different decisions: 1. Accept; 2. Required corrections; 3. Submit again for evaluation 4. Send to another journal 5. Reject


Contextos Clínicos is not responsible for the author’s concepts and opinions. The spontaneous submission of any material to the journal automatically represents that the authors are transferring their.



Manuscript presentation and submission



Manuscripts must be electronically submitted via the website of Contextos Clínicos ( The content of the originals, without any authors’ identification, must contain:

- Title in the language of the manuscript and in English. If the manuscript is written in English, then it must present the title in Portuguese. Titles must not exceed 240 characters with space.

- Abstract in the language of the manuscript, in a single paragraph, containing a maximum of 200 words, followed by three keywords that should preferably be part of the terminology available in Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde/Psicologia (BVS-Psi), which may be accessed at ;

- Abstract in English, in a single paragraph, containing a maximum of 200 words, followed by three keywords that should preferably be part of the terminology available in Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde/Psicologia (BVS-Psi), which may be accessed at ;

- Complete text formatted in Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced, justified, and margins of 2,5 for all sides. The text must contain subsections (Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and References) presented continuously and not in different pages.

- Reference list in alphabetical order, double spaced, left-aligned and not justified.


Manuscripts must be written in scientific language and respect the grammatical norms of the language. Small corrections may be made by the Editorial Commission to ensure grammatical adequation. The following formatting parameters must be followed in order to submit a manuscript:


Extension: The text must not exceed 25 pages, including references, and it is not necessary to number the pages.

Font: Use Times New Roman for the whole manuscript. Use size 12 for the text and references and size 10 for notes, tables, charts, and the titles or subtitles of tables, charts, and figures.

Margins, spacing, and indentation: All margins must be 2,5. All sections of the manuscript, except for the reference list, must apply to the following rules:

a) Paragraph alignment is justified, except for the reference list;

b) Between-lines spacing be double–except for notes and tables, which must be singled-spaced;

c) Between-paragraphs spacing must be zero;

d) The first line indent must be 1,25 pt.

Tables, charts, and figures: Tables and charts must also be sent in original format (Word or Excel) as separate files, submitted as supplemental documents (not inserted in the text). If the article contains images, they must be sent in original format (.jpeg, .png, .tiff) as separate files submitted as supplemental documents (not inserted in the text), with minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The authors must indicate an approximate location to insert the tables, charts, and figures in the manuscript.

Citation style: Contextos Clínicos adopts the APA Style (American Psychological Association) for manuscript elaboration and submission to scientific journals. Observe these norms for citations, reference list, tables, and figures. Do not use expressions such as op. cit; ibid; ibidem; id; idem . Do not use the expression “apud”. Only in special cases, when referencing a secondary source, use the expression “cited in”. To help authors consult these norms, some common cases were listed and exemplified below.

One author: (Gil, 2002) or Gil (2002) claims that...

Two authors: (Habigzang & Caminha, 2004) or According to Habigzang and Caminha (2004),...

Three to five authors: (Celano, Hazzard, Campbell, & Lang, 2002) or Celano, Hazzard, Campbell e Lang (2002) have studied…

Six or more authors: (Fleck et al., 2002) or According to Fleck et al. (2002),...

Institutional author: (American Psychological Association [APA], 1988) or American Psychological Association (APA, 1988), ....

Authors with same last name: (E. Dutra, 2002; J. Dutra, 2004).

Two or more works from the same author inside the same parenthesis: (Silva, 2013a, 2013b, 2017, 2019, in press).

If two or more citations look identical, use as many last names as necessary do differentiate them, followed by a comma and the expression “et al.”.


Fleck, Lima, Louzada, Schestatsky, Henriques and Borges (2002)

Fleck, Lima, Xavier, Chachamovich, Vieira, Santos and Pinzon (2002)

These two citations would be differentiated in the text as following:

Fleck, Lima, Louzada, et al. (2002)

Fleck, Lima, Xavier, et al. (2002)


Reference List

The reference list must be double-spaced and left-aligned (not justified), with a hanging indent of 1,25 pt. Some examples are listed to help.

Journal article with doi

Teixeira, M. A. P., Oliveira, A. M., & Wottrich, S. H. (2006). Escalas de práticas parentais (EPP): Avaliando dimensões de práticas parentais em relação a adolescentes. Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica, 19 (3), 433-441. doi:10.1590/S0102-79722006000300012

Journal article with URL

Do not inform access date. Use the following format: Retrieved from http :// www . xxxx

Araujo, R. B., Oliveira, M. S., Pedroso, R. S., Miguel, A. C., & Castro, M. G. T. (2008). Craving e dependência química: Conceito, avaliação e tratamento. Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria, 57(1), 57-63. Retrieved from


Beck, J. S. (1997). Terapia cognitiva: Teoria e prática. Porto Alegre, RS: Artmed.

Young, K. S., & Abreu, C. N. (Eds.). (2011). Dependência de internet: Manual e guia de avaliação e tratamento. Porto Alegre, RS: Artmed.

Book chapter

Breakwell, G. M., & Rose, D. (2010). Teoria, método e delineamento de pesquisa. In G. M. Breakwell, S. Hammond, C. Fife-Schaw, & J. A. Smith (Eds.), Métodos de pesquisa em psicologia (pp. 22-41). Porto Alegre, RS: Artmed.

Theses and dissertations

Nogueira, E. E. S. (2000). Identidade organizacional: Um estudo de caso do sistema aduaneiro brasileiro . Dissertação de Mestrado, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, PR, Brasil.


Notes should only be used when strictly necessary. Notes are allowed for explanations only, not for referencing sources. These should be in the reference list.



Conditions for Submission


As part of the submission process, authors are obliged to verify the conformity of the submission according to all the items listed below. The submissions that are not in accordance with the norms will be rejected.

1. The contribution is original, unpublished, and it is not being evaluated for publication by any other journal.

2. The files for submission are in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

3. The authors respected the sources cited in their work and have not committed plagiarism.

4. The text is strictly in accordance with the parameters in “Manuscript presentation and submission”.

5. Ethical principles of research involving human beings were respected. The copy of the approval document from an ethics committee was attached as supplemental document, when in case.

6. Any form of identification from authors was removed from the file to ensure the process of blind peer review.



Copyright Declaration


I transfer to Contextos Clínicos the right to publish for the first time the reviewed version of my article, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (which allows to share the work and acknowledge the authorship and publication in this journal. I affirm that my article is not being submitted to another publication, as well as it has not been published before, and I take full responsibility for its originality. I am aware that claims by third parties regarding its authorship will be my responsibility to respond. I also accept to submit my work to the publication norms of Contextos Clínicos.



Privacy Policy


Names and addresses informed in this journal will exclusively be used for the services provided by this publication and will not be made available for other purposes or third parties.





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