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1. How to submit a work

    1.1 All works must be presented in digital Word format (.doc);

    1.2 We require it to be written as Times New Roman, size 11 pt, single line spacing and two or three sizes for the text body, headings and subheadings;

    1.3 Use bold for headings/subheadings and quotation marks for quotations under three lines; unquote them if they appear in prominence; italics must be used for foreign words and bold for important words and book titles;

    1.4 Works must include at the top of the first page:
    a. title in the original language and english
    b. author’s full name
    c. brief author’s resumé (3 lines max.)
    d. home address and e-mail

    1.5 Articles, research reports, brief reports, reviews and rebuttals must be presented in portuguese, spanish or french, along with an abstract in english and the selected language. This abstract must be 200-300 words long and must also contain 5 key words for each language.

    1.6 Footnotes must be included at the end of the work, before the references;

    1.7 All pages must be numbered;

    1.8 The work file must be sent by e-mail to, attached, along with the “Carta para Submissão de Trabalhos” (located at properly filled.


2. Some suggestions for the file preparation

    2.1 Check the font type, size and line spacing as indicated in 1.2;

    2.2 Do not use tabulations;

    2.3 Send any files, pictures or graphs separately;

    2.4 References must be cited according to the American Psychologial Association (APA) style.


3. General aspects about the contents

    3.1 The article’s writers are responsible for the contents of their work;

    3.2 Minor corrections in the text may be made by the journal's editor or editorial board. When substantial changes are necessary, the text will be returned to the authors for such modifications.

    3.3 Works may be reprinted elsewhere, but their original publication in Journal of Discontents and Subjectivity must be cited;

    3.4 The Journal publishes the following:
    a. Articles – 12 pages minimum, 20 maximum;
    b. Research reports – approximately 12 pages;
    c. Reports of professional experiences – approximately 7 pages;
    d. Brief reports (researches or presented works) – approximately 7 pages;
    e. Rebuttals (to works previously published on this Journal) – approximately 5 pages;
    f. Reviews (books or movies) – approximately 4 pages;

    3.5 Each page of work will be arranged in approximately 2 pages when transferred to the Journal’s printing format.


4. Periodicity and deadline to submissions

    4.1 Revista Mal-estar e Subjetividade (Journal of Discontens and Subjectivity) is published quarterly;

    4.2 The deadline to submission of works is:
    4.2.1 december 15 for editions published in march;
    4.2.2 march 15 for editions published in june;
    4.2.3 june 15 for editions published in september;
    4.2.4 september 15 for editions published in december;


5. Selection of works

    5.1 We judge theme originality and relevance, methodology, text clarity and appropriation to the publishing rules of this Journal;

    5.2 All works are blind peer-reviewed and evaluations are sent to authors;

    5.3 Submitted works must be original.


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