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The Brazilian Journal of Vocational Guidance (Revista Brasileira de Orientação Profissional - RBOP) is a biannual scientific journal of the Brazilian Association of Vocational Guidance (ABOP). The Brazilian Journal of Vocational Guidance (RBOP) publishes original studies in the field of Professional and Career Counseling in the context of Psychology, Education, Work and Health, as well as other fields of knowledge related to career development. Manuscripts are accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Published articles must fit in one of the following categories research reports, theoretical studies, critical literature reviews, brief communications about researches, professional reports, letters to the publisher, technical notes, reviews and news. The RBOP is an open journal, that is, access to and publication of articles in the Journal is free (no fees are charged).






Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts submitted for publication must meet publication standards. Manuscripts are accepted or rejected based on the Editorial Board’s report, which can, at its discretion, send them to ad hoc referees.



The copyrights of published articles belong to the Brazilian Journal of Vocational Guidance. Total reproduction of articles of this journal in another publication, or for any other purpose, is conditioned on the Editor’s written authorization. Individuals interested in partially reproducing the articles of this journal (excerpts exceeding 500 words, tables, figures and other illustrations) must also obtain the written permission of the author(s).



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