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1. Reverso –Journal of Psychoanalysis that aims to publish papers and matters of interest to psychoanalysis and its links with other areas of knowledge, especially those produced by members of the CPMG or their guests.Besides that reviews, interviews, and translations may be published.

2. The Publication Department and its committee shall review and approve submitted papers. The Department reserves the right not to publish those which do not satisfy its guidelines.

3. The views and opinions expressed by authors are solely and exclusively their responsibility.

4. Papers submitted for publication must be entirely new. By that, we mean they have not been published in another magazine or journal similar to REVERSE. The Publishing Department may make exceptions to publishing texts that are not unprecedented.

5. Submitted papers should contain the title in Portuguese and English, followed by the name (s) of the author (s). One requires their institutional affiliation(s) before the text, and the address and contact telephone number at the end of it .

6. Papers must include an abstract and keywords in Portuguese, before the text, and an abstract and keywords in English at the end of it, followed by the bibliographic references. The text in Portuguese abstract and the keywords should not exceed 520 characters (without spaces) or 610 (with spaces).

7. The name(s) of the author(s) and their professional qualifications , email and correspondence address may come at the end of the text .

8. The originals should be sent by email to . Papers should not exceed 10 pages, and shall be typed in Microsoft Word for PCs and comply with following specifications: A4 paper, with an upper margin of 2,5 cm, bottom margin of 3,5 cm, left margin of 3,0 cm, and right margin of 3,0 cm, using Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing between lines, paragraph indentation to 1,0 cm, and justified lined up text. The total number of characters for the 10 pages should not exceed 21,040 characters (without spaces) and 25,032 (with spaces).

9. The articles will be subject to review and may result in some changes in the text. In the case of substantial changes, the paper will be returned to the author so that he/she make them.

10. Tables, graphs, mathemes, and so forth should be sent separately with their captions numbered and their location in the text indicated in parentheses. If special artwork is required, this shall be the responsibility of the author (s) and should also be sent .

11. Footnotes should be consecutively numbered in the text.

12. The bibliographic references should be written in the following order:

a) book:
Author. Title in italics: subtitle. Edition. Place of publication (city): Publisher, Date. Total number of pages or volumes (Name and number of the series)


CERVO, A. L. Metodologia científica: para uso dos estudantes universitários. 2. ed. São Paulo: McGraw-Hill do Brasil, 1978. 144 p. (Pensar Hohe, 6)

b) book chapter:

Author of the chapter. Chapter title. In: Author of the book. Title in italics: subtitle. Edition. Place of publication (city): Publisher, Date, Number of pages or volumes (Series name and number)


LAMBOTE, M. C. O tempo anunciador. In: LAMBOTE, M. C. Estética da melancolia. Rio de Janeiro: Companhia das Letras, 2000, p. 103-109.

c) periodicals:
Title of Publication. Place of publication (city): Editor-author, year of first volume. Frequency. INSS


REVERSO. Belo Horizonte: CPMG, 2005 – Anual. INSS: 0102-7395

d) journal article
Author. Title of the article. Title of the periodical in italics. Place of publication (city), volume number, issue number, first and last pages, month, and year.

MENDES, E.R.P. Um jogo de espelhamentos, a partir do Moisés de Michelangelo. Reverso. Belo Horizonte, v. 27, n. 52, p. 21-30, set. 2005.

N.B. Please note that semi-colons, abbreviations, and commas, as well as other punctuation marks, must be recorded in the originals as in the examples.

13. The Publication Department reserves the right not to publish articles that do not comply with the above-referenced standards, even though its scientific value is acknowledged.

14. When sending their papers, the authors accept, agree, and allow their being linked to the home page of the Reverso Journal, should the Publishing Department so decide.



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