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Journal of Human Growth and Development

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Rev. bras. crescimento desenvolv. hum. vol.16 no.3 São Paulo Dec. 2006





Throughout the years, Revista Brasileira de Crescimento e Desenvolvimento Humano has offered a great diversity of themes presented in the form of papers. The main characteristic of this publication is that it is a line of communication for researchers. Contemporary transformations bring new needs, new modes of observation and new forms of intervention and understanding in different contexts and groups. It is not by chance that the richness of the content of this issue reproduces this reality.

The study "Visual behavior of infants in the first and second months of life", carried out in the city of Campinas, approaches the importance of the assessment procedure, both for the prevention of alterations and for early intervention.

In "A different school", the authors write about an interesting experience in the city of Florianópolis. They approach the institution in a non-conventional way and discuss a model of action that focuses on the formation of the critical subject. Besides this, two other articles deal with the theme of adolescence.

The research on the motor profile of children and adolescents with moderate mental retardation, by Samira Mansur and Adair José Marcon, discusses aspects of the person with special needs.

The family, a constant focus of analysis, has its universe revealed in three studies, concerning the relationships that exist in it. The article "The place of the family in the social network of leisure after retirement" shows the importance of the family network and friends in this period of life. The article was written by Raquel P. C.Azevedo and Ana Maria Carvalho.

The study "Mothers' and fathers' emotional wellbeing and the exercise of the parental role: an empirical investigation", by the authors Adriana Ribas, Rodolfo Ribas Junior and Andréa Valente, researches the repercussion of the above-mentioned roles on the life of their actors, contributing to provide support for intervention projects with mothers and fathers.

Lílian Perdigão and Elaine Rabinovich discuss the interferences of family standards in the formation of women in the article "The phantom of repetition and mother/ daughter relationship".

"Parental styles, attributional styles and psychological wellbeing in young adults attending universities", by the researchers Mariana Boeckel and Jorge Sarriera, shows the impact of educational strategies on young adults' psychological wellbeing.

The studies deal with issues associated with work, leisure, retirement, illness. Finally, thinking about adversities and the human capacity to overcome them, Nina Taboada, Eduardo Legal and Nivaldo Machado search for a concept for resilience by means of a literature review.

Complex and dense themes are presented. The articles are interwoven and shape the great human tissue. The present issue is a portrait of the scientific literary production in Brazil, configured in the different origins of the works. The analysis of the themes is not concluded; it is renewed.

We hope that this issue can provide useful information for the researcher and please the reader.

Finally, we would like to inform our readers that this year Revista Brasileira de Crescimento e Desenvolvimento Humano will publish a special issue. With it, the work of the period will be completed.


Maria Cecília Leite de Moraes
Associate Editor

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