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Revista da Abordagem Gestáltica

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Rev. abordagem gestalt. vol.21 no.2 Goiânia dez. 2015







Adriano Furtado Holanda




In this new issue, we start with three international conferences originally presented at the First Brazilian Congress of Psychology & Phenomenology, held in 2013 at the Federal University of Paraná, in Curitiba. In Scope and Meaning of Phenomenological Psycopathology, Maria Lucrecia Rovaletti (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina) discusses the basics of psychopathology phenomenological, as an attempt to rethink psychiatry towards a scientific discipline, which offers a new concept of subjectivity, putting suffering as constitutive of man's being (the text is published in the Spanish original). In sequence, the manuscript Implications Psychologiques de la Philosophie de l'Action of Paul Ricoeur - published in French and Portuguese -, Annie Barthélémy (Université de Savoie-France) discusses phenomenology and hermeneutic attitude and the philosophy of action of Paul Ricoeur as a resource for deal with the therapeutic relationship. Finally, in Principes Fondateurs et Actualité d'une Pratique Psychothérapeutique á Orientation Phénoméno-Structurale, of Jean-Marie Barthélémy (Université de Savoie-France) - also published in French and Portuguese - points to the phenomenon-structural position of Minkowski and his actual debate around the notion of meeting as crucial for psychotherapy.

In sequence, we have a set of theoretical studies, beginning with Viktor Frankl's Contributions for the Colective Health Movement, by Daniel Rocha Silveira authoring (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz / MG) & Fernanda Jaude Gradim (Colégio Pythagoras / MG), which have a reflection on contributions from Viktor Frankl for collective health. Then, in the article "God Did Not Die and the Devil Exists". Phenomenological Reflections on a Spiritual Experience and Serious Psychic Suffering, by Rachel de Paiva Mano (University of Brasilia) & Ileno Izidio da Costa (Unversity of Brasilia), the authors proposes a study of the spiritual phenomenon in clinical psychology with individuals in serious psychological distress. And, finally, in Michel Henry: Affectivity and Hallucination, authored by Andrés Eduardo Aguirre Antúnez (Universidade de São Paulo) & Florinda Martins (Portuguese Catholic University, Lisbon) - published in Portuguese and English - discusses how Michel Henry takes the hallucination as paradigm of phenomenality of life.

The set of empirical studies begins with the article Contact Nowadays: a Clinical Look of Gestalt therapy, by Thatiana Caputo Domingues da Silva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Camila Santos Baptista (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) & Monica Botelho Alvim (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) that, based on the complaints brought by customers to the clinic seeking an understanding of the existence in the contemporary world and how we experience the contact with each other today. In the manuscript "You have to be born with that gift": Experiences of a Young Travesti, by Roberta Noronha Azevedo (Municipality of Orlândia, São Paulo), Fabio Scorsolini-Comin (Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro) & Giancarlo Spizzirri (University of São Paulo), we sought to meet the social, emotional experiences and sex of a young transvesti and understand their perception of gender identity. In Phenomenological-Hermeneutical Considerations of Somatization in Adolescence: a Case Study of Luanny Tomaz Brito (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), Ana Karina Silva Azevedo (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte) & Luciana Carla Barbosa de Oliveira (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), from a case accompanied by the health team of a university hospital, we sought to understand somatization in its existential aspects. Finally, in Phenomenology of Extracorporeal Perception - Analysis of Out-of-Body Experiences, of Gabriel Teixeira de Medeiros (Federal University of São Paulo) & Fernando de Almeida Silveira (Federal University of São Paulo), the authors seek to describe and analyze the OBE from the experience of living, listing different experiences, as well as its role in the everyday lives of those who claim to practice them in thirteen interviews.

We end this number with the translation for portuguese of the replica of Dorion Cairns, published in 1941, titled "Concerning Beck's 'The Last Phase of Husserl's Phenomenology'"; with the book-review of Elementos para uma Compreensão Diagnóstica em Psicoterapia - O Ciclo do Contato e os Modos de Ser (Ênio Brito Pinto, Summus, 2015), by Maria Paula Miranda Chaim (Catholic University of Goiás) & Danilo Suassuna Martins Costa (Catholic University of Goiás); and finally, with the presentation of a recent defense of Master's Thesis titled Gestalt Perspectives on Spirituality/Religiosity, authored by Lázaro Castro Silva Nascimento (Federal University of Parana).

Good reading to all.

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