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Revista da Abordagem Gestáltica

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Rev. abordagem gestalt. vol.24 no.1 Goiânia Apr. 2018





Adriano Holanda




In this first issue of 2018, we began with a set of four studies: Women Transplanted Kidney: the Experience of Pregnancy in Focus, worked on women's narratives, seeking to apprehend the anguish of loss, revealing fear and interdiction of breastfeeding. The manuscript Senses of CAPS Therapeutic Activities in the Daily life users: a Phenomenological Description shows, from the users' reports about their daily life in a CAPS, the universe of relations between reason and madness. The Meanings of the Inner Experience of Priestly Formation: a Phenomenal Thematic Analysis, shows a research with 34 seminarians, presenting the Seminar as a space of tension in the formative experience, as a place of renunciation and learning. In Variables Associated With the Meaning of life a study with 901 people is presented, based on quantitative and qualitative analyzes. In the results, it was possible to observe that most people cited the Family as the most important factor, besides associating it with the meaning of life and to those who dedicate it.

Next we have the article entitled F. J. J. Buytendijk and the genesis of the Maternal Spirit, which seeks to understand the mystery of this formation beyond all biological reductionism, unveiling the elements of historicity and care in its deepest infrastructure. Existential-phenomenological Considerations on Inhabiting the Brazilian Semiarid points to a review of the research literature with sertanejos, casting a critical eye on a reality that reveals the sertão as shelter of the old and the new paradigm. Thus, the semiarid opens as a place where the human dwells in the mode of familiarity or estrangement. The article Therapeutic Accompaniment in Mental Health: Structure, Possibilities and Challenge to its Practice in unique System of Health seeks to subsidize the structuring of the TA in the field of mental health, discussing the specificities and possibilities of this practice. Already Intentionality and Behavior: the living Being Perception in Merleau-Ponty, points to the initial works of Merleau-Ponty, in which the perception is defined as a specific subject of investigation, junction of the subject and their organic conditions of life. Based on the discussions of Merleau-Ponty in The structure of behavior, the fundamental elements of interpretation of animal perception in terms of intentionality are evidenced.

Childhood, Education Philosophy and Phenomenology: Necessary Approaches, discusses the relationship between philosophy of education, hermeneutic phenomenology and childhood. Even acknowledging the absence of a discussion about childhood and child in Heidegger's work, he seeks to look for ontic elements that enable reflections inspired by hermeneutic philosophy, providing a greater understanding of childhood. The Construction of Being a Woman in Family Farming: a logotherapeutic Perspective brings a narrative review of a qualitative character, seeking to define the profile of Being Woman in family agriculture, identifying her with roles as mother, wife and caregiver. From Logotherapy, one can understand how they construct life's senses and the alternatives of a freedom of meaning for an authentic choice that promotes health.

We conclude this issue with the translation of a classic text by F.J.J.Buytendijk entitled The Problem of Pain. Psychology - Phenomenology - Metaphysics, originally published in 1948.

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