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History and mission


CADERNOS DE PSICANÁLISE-CPRJ is the scholarly scientific journal of the Psychoanalytic Circle of Rio de Janeiro (CPRJ). The journal was founded in 1979, first as BOLETIM INTERNO. It was renamed in 1980, when it became an annual publication. CADERNOS DE PSICANÁLISE (CPRJ) seeks to collect articles that address the thematic questions that CPRJ investigates over the course of the year—though the editorial board also considers works that discuss other topics, as they are concerned with the broader psychoanalytic domain and its interfaces.

In 2011, at the time of the publication of volume 33, CADERNOS DE PSICANÁLISE (CPRJ) became a semiannual publication — though at first the two annual issues were published as a single volume. Beginning in 2012, these two annual issues began to appear in separate volumes with release dates on August and December. Since December 2017, volume 39, number 36, the CADERNOS DE PSICANÁLISE (CPRJ) is published only in electronic format.


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