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The virtual magazine "IGT na Rede" aims to be a means of communication in the universe of Psychology, facilitating the exchange among professionals in this field bringing them closer to the general public. This journal deals with issues related to human development, especially regarding the Gestalt approach. It addresses the various philosophical, theoretical and practical expressions of Gestalt-Therapy. Here the reader can find articles, monographs, reviews and videos.

Periodicity: "IGT na Red" is published semiannually.

This magazine provides public access to all its content, following the principle that free access to research generates a greater global exchange of knowledge. Such access is associated with a growth in reading and citing an author's work. For further information on this approach, visit the Public Knowledge Project, a project that developed this system to improve the academic and public quality of research, distributing OJS, as well as other software to support the publication system of public access to academic sources

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This journal uses the LOCKSS system to create a file system, which is distributed among participating libraries, allowing them to create permanent journal files for preservation and restoration. Read more...


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