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  1. The article must be submitted in doc file. or docx . Texts sent in another format will be rejected.
  2. All articles must include:
  • Home page with: Title in Portuguese, English and Spanish (with a maximum of 12 words); Abbreviated title in Portuguese, English and Spanish (with a maximum of five words); Indication of the journal section to which the article was submitted; No identification of authors
  • Abstract s in Portuguese , English and Spanish (maximum of 150 words in all languages ) with five keywords;
  • Financing (if any);
  • Do not include footnotes.

3. Cover sheet (this must be sent as a supplementary document):

  • Authors' names, ORCID of each author and institutional affiliation; Indication of the corresponding author with e-mail and address;

The modalities provided for by the magazine are:

Original articles based on empirical data limited to 25 pages, which must include all parts of the article, including references, tables and figures. Maximum number of 20 references. Follow the structure: Introduction (do not subdivide into topics); Method (identify subsections: participants, instruments or materials and procedures); Results; Discussion (including conclusion) and References.

Review articles (systematic or scope review), limited to 25 pages including a maximum number of 40 references. Follow the structure: Introduction (do not subdivide into topics); Method (material inclusion criteria in the review, document data collection procedures and analysis procedures); Results; Discussion (including conclusion) and References.

Clinical case articles, limited to 10 pages, including a maximum number of 15 references. Follow the structure: Introduction (do not subdivide into topics); Method (clinical characterization of the case, assessment and intervention.

Brief reports on research data, limited to 5 pages, including a maximum number of 15 references. Follow the structure: Introduction (do not subdivide into topics); Method (identify subsections: participants, instruments or materials and procedures); Results; Discussion (including conclusion) and References.

File Formatting:

Abstract/Abstract/ Resumen: (aligned to the left and in a single block) with a maximum of 150 words in the three languages. The abstract must contain a brief presentation, but it needs the content of the article covering the main items in the order in which they appear in the text. Five keywords are required in each of the abstract languages.

Body of the text: the names of the authors must not appear. It is not necessary to start a new page for each topic. Times New Roman font, size 12, and 1.5 spacing, without exceeding the number of pages in relation to the type of article. All pages must be numbered. Text must be left-aligned, not justified. Indent only the first line of the paragraph. The use of special editing features such as underline, hyphenation, macros is prohibited.

Figures, Charts and Tables: Figures, charts and tables must be inserted after the references and are limited to a total of four per type of article, except for short reports, which have a limit of two. The original files of tables and figures must, additionally, be inserted in the OJS in editable format and in high resolution (300 dpi ) as additional files to, if necessary, be used in the final editing of the article, if accepted.

References: Following American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines – 6th ed. Listed in alphabetical order of authors' surnames. Works by the same single author are sorted by year of publication (starting with the oldest).

*In the case of an article, the DOI will be required at the end of the reference.

For more information about the 6th edition APA standards, we have created a simplified citation and reference guide. To download it, just copy the address into your browser.

Attachments: Used only when strictly necessary and included only after consultation with the Journal Editor.

Page counting : It starts from the Introduction and will end by counting the tables and figures at the end of the article, after the references. The original files of figures, tables, charts and graphs must also be submitted as separate files.

Indication of reviewers

Along with the submission, the authors must indicate the names of five possible reviewers (and their e-mail address) who have affinity with the topic addressed in the article and without any conflict of interest with the authors. These reviewers must have a PhD degree and may not have published articles together with any of the authors. These names may or may not be chosen by the board of editors who will judge their pertinence as reviewers.

Description of author participation

A document describing the participation of each author in the preparation of the work and the data of each one (full name, institutional affiliation, author responsible for the correspondence - name, postal address, email address) must be presented as a supplementary file.

financial aid

Financial assistance must be indicated during electronic submission in the field reserved for this purpose and must be indicated in the manuscript itself.

Copyright Statement

Along with the article, a letter signed by all authors and addressed to the Editor, authorizing the editorial process, must be sent as a digital file.

Here's model:


The copyright of articles published in Psicologia: Theory and Practice belongs to the authors, who grant the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie exclusive rights to publish the content. Its total or partial reproduction is prohibited without the proper authorization of the Editorial Committee, except for study and research.

(include names and signatures of all authors)

Ethics Committee

It is essential that, when dealing with research with human beings, the author sends a copy of the Ethics Committee approval as a digital file. Even articles on clinical cases and articles on professional experience reports must present this approval.



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