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The Brazilian Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy is a triannual publication of the Brazilian Association of Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral Psychology (ABPMC). The journal has a main goal to publish articles based on behavioral and cognitive theories, supposing common assumptions such as: the experimental method as a way to produce knowledge; the elaboration of concepts based on systematic observations and on behavioral analyses, originating from considering that the subject matter of these psychological theories are complex, but lawful and not-casual.

The journal intends to inform on the methods of the clinical practice of Behavioral and Cognitive therapy and of Behavior Analysis and its applications. The articles may focus the clinical practice, regarding its process and specific facts dealt with during treatment and should be based on the existing literature and on data produced under clinical applications.

Articles will be accepted that deal with applications in Training, Education and Health, since the evaluation of methodological procedures and results are conducted or a critical analysis is presented. Articles about the theoretical and experimental fundaments of behavior and cognition will also be accepted.

Theoretical and experimental articles in Psychology, Medicine and other related areas will be accepted for publication, since analyses are based on systematic observation and methodological procedures are clearly described.



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