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Trivium , from Latin, three-ways, means simultaneously crossroads, public square, a place of meeting.

Trivium: estudos interdisciplinares, Journal of the graduate program in Psychoanalysis, Health and Society at the University Veiga de Almeida, has been published semi-annually since 2009, in July and December. It is a periodical in which psychoanalysis meets humanities and social sciences, reflecting the interdisciplinary character printed in our master's and doctoral degrees.

The Journal offers two basic segments for unpublished items: independent and thematic. It aims to publish articles that take into account the importance of interdisciplinary studies to the apprehension of subjectivity and the transmission of Psychoanalysis.This is why the Trivium has become an important square of debates on issues that our contemporaneity continues to bring to the knowledge already established.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Trivium: estudos interdisciplinares values the dissemination of conferences, interviews, research communications, reviews and reviews of literature, cinema, theater and art exhibitions. The magazine publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Within a policy of enhancing openness and exchange with authors and other institutions, Trivium: estudos interdisciplinares does not accept any type of financial negotiation with regard to the publications in the journal. The journal is published under the Open Access model - anyone can read, download, copy and disseminate it for educational purposes. All content of the journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons license of type CC BY-NC.




- Graduate program in Psychoanalysis, Health and Society at the University Veiga de Almeida



Editorial Policy


Trivium: estudos interdisciplinares is directed by an Editor and has an Editorial Board of Teachers from various Brazilian and foreign Universities. Deputy Editors and the Executive Committee are responsible for ensuring the quality of excellence of the editorial and indexing the journal in a variety of sources.

Trivium: estudos interdisciplinares is a bi-annual, interdisciplinary and semi-thematic journal. Articles should be sent to the magazine in accordance with the requirements of publication. The acceptance of the work implies the transfer of rights from the author(s) to the magazine.





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