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Summarizing the content of the page that is included in all issues of the Bulletin, on the signatures, please note that:

a) The annual subscription of the bulletin is R$ 30.00, and the single number is R$ 18.00.

b) The potential subscriber should complete the form which is published in all issues of the Bulletin, containing local, full name, address, phone and e-mail. It should be sent along with the receipt of payment (Santander, c / c 13001029-4, ag. 0389) to Prof. Dr. M. Aidyl Pérez-Ramos de Queiroz, Editor of the São Paulo Academy of Psychology Bulletin, Rua Pelagio Lobo, 107, Perdizes, CEP 05009-020, São Paulo, SP. Once we receive this correspondence, the publisher will send the corresponding receipt.


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